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Aftermath has been rocking pop-punk style since their debut opening for the SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction party in 2020.  Started as a family band of Sioux Falls siblings taking lessons with UpTempo Music, Aftermath is now a blend of friends and siblings ages 10 to 17.  With a mix of original songs, and covers from bands such as Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and the Foo Fighters, Aftermath loves to make music and perform together.  


Eileen (15) | Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Keys, & Harmonica

Eileen plays every instrument. She writes the music and jumps around on vocals, guitar, keys, drums, and harmonica with the band. When not practicing with Aftermath, Eileen is writing, busking, playing classical guitar, and performing in community theatre. Eileen goes to Lincoln High School. 

Band Tenure:  Original Member


Max (13) | Lead Guitar, Keys & Vocals

Max is a lover of all things music. He plays lead guitar and also jumps in on vocals and keys. When not shredding it on the guitar, he is playing tennis and making friends wherever he goes. Max is a middle schooler at Edison. 

Band Tenure:  Original Member


Eleanor (10) | Guitar, Vocals & Keys 

Eleanor loves to sing and play guitar and keys with her siblings and band friends. When not jamming out, Eleanor is performing in musicals, dancing ballet and hip hop, and enjoying school at Sonia Sotomayor Elementary School.

Band Tenure:  Original Member


Champ (17) | Drums

Champ was the original Aftermath drummer. Champ left for a year in the fall of 2022 on an NSA scholarship to study Chinese in Taiwan. Now back from Taiwan and a junior at Jefferson high school, Champ still plays drums and guitar with his siblings and fills in the with band as needed.

Band Tenure:  Original Member


Quintin “Q” (16) | Bass 

Q started his musical journey in first grade learning traditional piano. Later adding the double bass, percussion, and electric bass to the mix.  He is a junior at Lincoln High School. He is active in the school orchestra, tennis team, and is the goalkeeper in the school and club soccer teams.  

Band Tenure:  Joined fall of 2022.  


Henderson (12) | Drums

Henderson is in 6th grade at Harrisburg North Middle School where he participates in the school band on percussion. Playing electric guitar since he was 6 and drums since he was 9 has solidified his passion for music.  Downhill skiing, fishing and archery are what keep him busy when he is not practicing with Aftermath.

Band Tenure:  Joined fall of 2022.